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LDS Singles scbrandt
  • Man
  • 70 years old
  • Salt 'n Pepper Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • 6 ft.  3 in.
  • Plenty to Love Build
  • Divorced
  • Some College
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Retired
  • Mission: yes
  • No Temple Recommend
  • Endowed
  • Occasionally Attends Church
  • 5 Children, 0 at home
  • 1 Pictures in Gallery
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My Introduction:

Personality wise I am probably a little on the boring side of life, recently (Jan 2009) retired from the Department of Correction (I have already retired from the Army National Guard). In my youth (a few years ago) I joined the Air Force (baptized LDS) served 4 year. Worked (saved up for a LDS mission) then served a LDS mission in Montana and Idaho (Montana/Wyoming Mission). Attended BYU (Brigham Young University) and then was recruited into the Army National Guard (19th Special Forces Group) retiring in 1993. Around 1976 began a career with Social Services (as a Corrections Officer) and then in 1983 (or thereabouts) began my final employment career with the Utah Department of Corrections (as a Corrections Officer).

My Interests and Hobbies:

I have five (5) wonderful boys (no girls except for five daughter-in-laws and two granddaughters). My children age range is 25-28; yes that is what I said, keep reading. I have 3 (boy, girl, boy) grandchildren and one on the way – which will make number 4 (boy). Needless to say my only granddaughter gets what she wants when she wants it (actually all of them do).

Son (1) is 30, married with one of my grandchildren (boy) and is in the US Air Force; just home from Iraq (the 5th tour).

Son (2) is a twin and is 28, married with 3 of my grandchildren (boy / girl / boy) (he works for the IRS) and is currently completing training and soon will become an officer in the Guard. He has his college degree.

Son (3) is a twin and is 28, married with one grandchild (girl)(works for the Army National Guard as an interrupter).

Son (4) is a twin and is 26 (in the Army National Guard), recently married both are going to college.

Son (5) is a twin and is 26 (not in the military, 4 is enough), married and going to college along with his wife (she is now working as an RN).

My children (5-boys) and their children (my grandchildren) are my greatest joy in the world. Plus my daughter-in-laws (having girls/women around teaches me patience I was unaware that I should have acquired sooner in life) bring stability to my life.

So there are the boys in my life, yes 5 under three years old (we rarely used babysitters and both of us worked Education/Corrections). Two bottles in my shirt pockets and two diapers in my back pockets when it was my shift to raise the boys (and often did not have enough bottles or diapers, boy those were the days); I must admit my wife (only one so far) was a strong influence in their lives and she did as much or more than I when it came to raising our children. All 5 became Eagle Scouts, 4 are in the military, and 4 served LDS Spanish speaking missions (Honduras, Venezuela, Panama, and Nicaragua). In 2005 we had 3 boys in Iraq, which proved to not be a great year (much mental turmoil and now their parents are divorce). And now we again have three boys in Iraq returning home around May of 2011.

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