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OPTIMISTICGEEK - 42 year old woman from Hemet, CA (near Los Angeles), California

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42 years old
Black Hair
Other Eyes
5 ft.  7 in.
Plenty to Love Build
Never Married
Graduate Work
Hemet, CA (near Los Angeles), California
teacher; aspiring judge/law professor
Mission: no
No Temple Recommend
Not Endowed
Occasionally Attends Church
0 Children, 0 at home
My Introduction:

Hello, World! High IQ + EQ; Partnership > Perfection; Forever > Fling; I am the most traditional, atypical girl you'll meet. I have my standards and my code, but I am open to why we are here, why we are alive and how we live while we are here. Hypocritical judging, intolerance and "othering"of fellow humans have no place in my love or my faith. "Faith, hope, and love [...] but the greatest of these is love." (The Word always says it better! :) haha) [Btw, keep reading if you are a mature (Alpha*) male who likes a person with depth and dimension. (*Search Google Images "goasksuzie Alpha male chart" to see what I mean.) "Alpha" does not translate to chest-beating troglodytes or other undesirables. It just means being secure and competent in who you are, living out your values, and leading your life--and relationships--with gardener-like stewardship and love.] I grew up in the South, so I have all of the southern charm as a bouquet of bluebells in a Mason jar atop a weathered picnic table covered in white linen surrounded by fireflies during sunset. Think Martha Stewart: but with a quick wit, a musical laugh, entrepreneurial spirit, the need for speed and even more creativity--where it counts. I'll try anything once (maybe even twice--for good measure), and I nurture a minx-y competitive streak, that's tempered with reason, joy and a humble heart. No, I will NOT let you beat me at air hockey, but I will be the first one donning the pom-poms and proudly cheering your name when your 12 years of Karate-Kid dedicated practice f-i-n-a-l-l-y pays off in a victory. ;) I get along well with a person who can see me subtly smirk across a dinner table full of perceptibly important people, and stifle a guffaw-like laugh. A person who will offer his seat to someone on a crowded bus, despite walking 3 miles to catch said bus. A person who will try something frighteningly awful and embarrassing, just because he is sharing time with people he enjoys. (Despite the risk of poorly-posted YouTube video footage at stake.) A person who will stop, mid-stride, to take in the structural beauty of a building. A person who will carve his way to the front a crowd just because "THIS, is hands-down, the BEST band EVER!", or has a similar passion about something else in his life. A person who can offer a stranger a share of his food before he even takes a bite. A person who can classify the achievements in his life in measures beyond worldly possessions. I'm all of the above--and more of the below. I yearn for authenticity. Vulnerability. I want to be 90-years-old and in a playful face-off with my husband over the last bagel, for that split second, before one of us just gets toast. I'm naive to a fault, but genius enough to recognize it. I see the world as it COULD be and act accordingly. Goodness wins. I am not looking for a cookie-cutter anything, "just-likes", or a mold. I am looking for someone who will challenge me and support me in all the ways a traditional man protects his woman. If that kind of talking excites you in 2022, then you're my guy. :) If you want an intelligent, fortified, capable, goal-centered woman who has not lost her feminine wiles and believes in providing support in all ways a woman lifts up a man, then I'm your girl. :) And if you really want to make short work of this, start throwing around words like, "faith", "God-centered", "commitment", "discovery", "investment", "growth", "love", "chivalry", "stability", "family leader", "adventure", "unconditional", "loyalty", "moral code", "standards" and "Fahrvergn├╝gen". (Because it's just fun to say.) There's more depth to me still, but we have a lifetime to explore. Looking forward to discovering how deep your rivers flow, too. ps: I am not officially LDS, I am Christian and regularly attended Temple once upon a time. I am open, including religiously, with someone with shared values. So, to my dear future husband, I look forward to taking your hand, laughing excessively, and partnering to the finish line. Looking forward to your horrible puns and self-proclaimed, magnanimous, incredible, "World Famous" [insert skill here]. Extra points given for skills including, but not limited to: "grilled cheese sandwich", "presidential impersonation", "stunt driving", "shirt-crease-making", "air guitar solo", "real guitar solo", "free-flow rhyme" "edged-up haircutting", "salsa moves", "flip and/or handstand", "karaoke performance", "bear hugs and/or cuddles", or "buffalo stance". In short: I try to live my life as a reflection of God's Light wherever I may be. (yep, even here! haha Faith without works, my friends...) :)

My Interests and Hobbies:

As stated, I really WILL try anything once (or twice, for good measure). Besides faith-based activities, I like novelty. But I do have my regular haps: traveling and road trips, all things creative--painting, sculpture, furniture redesign; cars, real estate, learning languages, almost any live shows (if it's on a flier--I'm there. from Cirque Du Soleil to Shakespeare in the Park to all things "Philharmonic" to horse racing to Sturgis to '90s hip hop festivals), anything beach-like, camping-like, water-adjacent. I also adore letting my hair down--dancing, getting dirty, getting clean and getting into good trouble. Those are not hobbies, but it explains my attitude! haha Straight-edge living, but I don't impose. Love cooking for friends and family and hosting events (brunch on a Sunday--with real plates to backyard BBQ and seafood boil--in cardboard boxes, game nights, movie nights, volunteering events). I just love to get out and be involved. I love nature, waterfalls, hot springs, mud and rain. Do not let the body type fool you--I am an active gal who does not hold back. [As an "aside": This is God's challenge/gift for me and I seek a partner who supports my victory with it--and not someone who unsuccessfully "attempts" to discount/downgrade my status as the fearfully- and wonderfully-made, beautiful creation that I am because of it. Every one of us has a challenge--mine just happens to be visible! :)] Anyway, I hope you'll agree--finding love is not about finding your made-to-order, fantasy-girl/guy personified; it is about finding your way to God, through and with someone who loves you for the same reasons. So let's have some fun--if you happen to know your way around some routine fitness or wanna get into it together, let's do this! I got some clean eating goodness to share. Here's to being our authentic selves! Also, open to kiddos--your and/or ours--but not at all required. Also-also, I find adoption and fostering children noble, in God's service, and even necessary. In short: 0-100 little rascals work well. :) Anyway, something to discuss on our 25th date, yes? :) I suggest horseback riding or the aquarium, but that's for you to decide haha. :)

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