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OPALAGATE - 53 year old woman from Connecticut

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53 years old
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
5 ft.  5 in.
Slender Build
Graduate Work
Nurse Practitioner
Mission: None
Temple Worthy
Temple Recommend
Regularly Attends Church
1 Children, 1 at home
My Introduction:

Hello. I am interested in connecting with people who share the same values. LDS singles are few and far between in the Northeast. I love the church. It buoys me up and has been an important part of being a single parent for many years.
I love to be adventurous. My first degree is in Biology, and I marvel at the natural world. My list of places to get to include Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, Puerto Rico, the Amazon, Tibet, Nepal.
As an adult convert, I have not been on a mission. But, I do hope to one day use my professional skills to go on a welfare mission. After working for an ambulance company in the field for years, I returned to school to get my Masters Degree. I love my profession as a Nurse Practitioner because I have always wanted to help people. Working in pediatrics provides many opportunities every day to help families live a healthier, more balanced life.
Being a mom is a big part of who I am. My son, 15, and I enjoy doing many things together. It is a privilege and a blessing to be a part of and witness his growth into an amazing young man. One of my favorite relationships (besides mom and guide) with my son is as baseball coach and player. We love when baseball season rolls around each year.
It has been an interesting road which has brought me to here. I look forward to discovering where the road will lead to.

[b]Describe your dream house.[/b]
My dream house would be surrounded by trees and have a large entry way with a huge central open tank for turtles and fish, a huge fireplace of natural stone, a room with great natural lighting for painting, a mud room for a pottery wheel, big closets and windows, an attached glass room for a garden complete with butterflies, fountain, and a chair hammock.

I would never choose a big home over the opportunities for experiences. Just make it comfortable, filled with love and pictures of explorations.

[b]What's your favorite animal? Why?[/b]
My favorite animal is the lumpback (misspelled to clear the filter) whale. How can I convey my facination with this extraordinary creature? We know so little about them, but the beauty of their movement in the seas, their songs, and their relationships between mother and young is utterly amazing. A life dream would be fulfilled if I could swim with this keeper of wisdom.

[b]Describe one of your life philosophies.[/b]
Never expect more of someone else than you expect of yourself.

[b]Ignoring the political meanings of the terms, are you conservative (things should remain the same) or liberal (change can be good)?[/b]
I am a liberal. It is very hard to successfully argue that things as they are now are as good as they can be. People progress, families progress generation to generation, and societies also grow and mature. Our collective social understanding continues to increase, always.

[b]Would you like to be rich?[/b]
Sure. Just imagine the freedom from financial concern. I would feel so free to help others and to travel and marvel at this amazing world. I would contribute to great causes. I would buy land, but not a Jaguar. I would build an activity center for the youth, etc. Of course, now we're talking beyond rich.

[b]If you could change one thing about your past, what it would it be?[/b]
Marrying too young.

[b]How do you feel about R rated movies?[/b]
It depends on the reason for the R rating. Schindler's List, as an example, should be seen by everyone when mature enough.

[b]What kind of people do you not enjoy being around?[/b]
I dislike people who are controlling, continually negative, blame others for their circumstance, and/or manipulative.

[b]What does the world need most?[/b]

[b]Describe your all-time favorite day.[/b]
I love a day when visiting out west in the sun with family and friends. Ideally we're rock climbing and everyone has brought along a smorgishborg of goodies for a feast. Lots of laughs and fun. Get me outside.

If one must be indoors... light up a fire and play games with a bunch of happy people, and of course a smorgishborg of goodies.

When alone... give me an awesome storm to watch, or run around in.

[b]You're laughing at a friend's joke and you snort. Are you embarrassed? What if you're in a dark movie theater?[/b]
I laugh more. Hopefully they find it funny, too. But, please tell me if there's something stuck in my teeth.

[b]How do you react to people with different opinions, values or lifestyles? Do you have diverse friends?[/b]
I know a great diversity of people. Thankfully, my son has followed suit and has friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our town is very diverse ethnically and socioeconomically. I know many people whose lifestyle I respect but wouldn't choose. Why would I insist that others agree with mine? Genuinely good people live all kinds of ways. I like people who can allow room for others and not feel threatened by a differing opinion. Why should any one of us assume that we have ALL of the answers? Once a person tries to impose their opinion or is intolerant or violent toward another, I lose respect. Invite and explain, but don't impose or force.

[b]Do you give anonymous gifts or do secret favors?[/b]
The anonymous can be the most satisfying, and it can't be refused. I love having a fun secret.

[b]How much does your comfort zone control you?[/b]
I like to stretch beyond my comfort zone. My life was way too boring when I didn't.

[b]What relaxes you?[/b]
rain with fat raindrops, candlelight, soft symphonic music, hand/foot massages, yoga, amazing skies, the flower no one else would have noticed.

[b]Do you prefer the ocean, mountains, plains or city?[/b]
Though access to a city is great for shows, concerts, museums and the like... give me the mountains away from big crowds, exhaust and cement. Let me roam, climb, breathe.

[b]What foreign language do you want to learn?[/b]
I would love to become fluent in sign language.

[b]Describe your greatest fear.[/b]
Being unable to rescue my son from a life threatening situation.

[b]Are you adventurous? In what ways?[/b]
Adventurous things I have done include... going to Belize with my sister without plans, not sure if we would meet up with other friends there, diving the blue hole off Belize, rappelling down a waterfall, bungie jumping 180 feet (once), canoeing 50+ miles on the Erie canal in 3 days.

I'd love to go caving; hike the Appalacian trail or part of it; travel the Amazon with a research crew; travel to remote areas; white-water rafting; do welfare trips to Africa, South America, or Asia.

[b]What makes a person attractive to you?[/b]
I like a get-off-the-couch kind of person who can also slow down, great sense of humor, fun-loving and energetic, smiles a ton, makes great eye contact.

[b]What kind of music do you like?[/b]
symphony, rock, pop, acoustic guitar, new age, marching band, big band, swing (in no particular order)

[b]What makes you laugh?[/b]
Other people laughing. Isn't it great how contagious laughter can be?

[b]Would you ever dye your hair?[/b]
My son can color his hair any color he wants (gotta pick your battles and give lots of room for safe expression), so far he's only had me bleach/streak it.

[b]Do you wear hats?[/b]
If I can't bathe (ie. canoeing 50+ miles)... or if I'm skiing... or coaching ball, etc.


My Interests and Hobbies:

rock climbing
skiing (I promised my son I'd try snowboarding)
SCUBA diving
underwater photography
domestic and international travel
watching baseball, hockey, olympic sports

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