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MAHNAED - 2024 year old man from New Mexico

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2024 years old
Salt 'n Pepper Hair
Hazel Eyes
5 ft.  9 in.
Average Build
Some College
New Mexico
electrical handyman/truck driver
Mission: Arlington Texas stake
No Temple Recommend
Not Endowed
Regularly Attends Church
0 Children, 0 at home
My Introduction:

Older white male (62 wearing a beard grown for winter) seeking a drug free virtuous adult biological female who does not want to live on the streets in a tent as an illegal migrant. I am searching for an young ADULT WOMAN who hasn't already been sealed to a man to share my life with me. I'm wanting a wife who is determined to stay with me thru good times and especially thru the bad times when we need to pray for each other and exercise charity to love and understand what the other is suffering so that we can be one in purpose. You must want to get pregnant and have many children. I pray to live long enough to raise two children into adulthood so they can take care of you when you are old. Your Full time career will be a housewife majoring in raising our children by correct principles using priesthood power, while seeking to increase your education at home, on-line centered on self-sufficiently and self-reliance so that the family can survive through a famine in the land when war starts. Currently I'm taking an on-line course on C++ to better program my iot equipment. I have a book here on learning to get a drone certification I started studying. These are goals of becoming self reliant. We need to learn to mfg something we can sell. Always trying to improve my skills. I hope you NEVER want to work outside the home and leave some one else to raise our children on THEIR teachings not ours. We need to work TOGETHER as a family. I LOVE a woman that keeps her home clean and orderly. I don't live trashy neither am I extremely tidy. I live life. Its a deserty environment here. My desire is for you to teach our children accounting principles as they get older. It is my desire that you know how to preserve yourself financially so when I am gone you will have residual income for your maintenance and support. .I am sponsoring you to my home in the United States. I have an address. Expect us to live poor by U.S. standards as we navigate through the trials and tribulations of mortality. According to our obedience to the Commandments of God we shall prosper as a family while walking together on the straight path heading to the temple and beyond. I offer you a Small but safe RV home, warm, plenty of food. I heat with wood. I will provide for your needs. We will Think Celestial about our worldly desires. Desert mountain environment. You cannot have previous children. You need to understand American English. There is a million different ways of saying something. LOL. I attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I NEED a woman who sees the good in me and who's natural gift of charity charms me into her submission. I would like for her to have experience with gardening and animals while living nearby a metropolitan citie. Want to come explore the USA with me? Lets live in a semi-tractor together and travel the USA until we have saved enough money to afford a better home or a baby comes along. Intelligent women will be only considered because we will live on budget NOT on credit card debt. - GOOD homekeeping SKILLS, home gets dusty from the fireplace during winter and from dust in summer. Needs to be able to save money. Loyal, dependable, trustworthy Cook, clean, laundry, educate our children, strictly housewife not work outside home Split wood? She creating an on-line business from home is GREAT, I just love industrious home makers. I have a Janome S9 embroidery/sewing machine. We can make stuff to market. Hopefully within one year we'll have a temple sealing. You MUST be able to drive a vehicle - car, motorcycle, semi-truck, etc. or be willing to learn how to drive. Must have paperwork proving you are a legal adult (over 18 y.o.). Must be free of sexually transmitted disease. You must be a consenting adult. We could get married in Mexico that way we are crossing the border as legal husband and wife going to our USA home. But, for now there are no issues for you to simply walk across the border. We can arrange for a temple sealing after our civil marriage. This is the quickest way to enter the UNITED States without all the paperwork problems. PREFER woman of child bearing aged years but our God may have a very talented woman more my age who sweeps me off my feet. LOL. I know there is an influx of people entering the USA right now and I'd like to welcome in a young and pretty lady into my home for the creation of a family. I want to give my wife something more than what she has now, more than things of this world. I hope to give her feelings that she is loved, cherished, valued and needed as I do my best to provide for us. She can be of any race, that does not matter to me. BUT so long as she can provide papers that she is 18 or over and doesn't have any sexually transmitted diseases (STD), I will provide reasonable travel expenses to bring us closer together. Sorry but the border could get closed again so I'm looking to sponsor a biological woman pretty soon. USA women are extremely quick to divorce and most are unwilling to do without material things and only want careers outside the home. I figure a Young Adult or Mid-Single will appreciate my love and more easily adopt to living conditions offered at my home. Don’t want or need a selfish demanding woman afraid to get her hands dirty in a garden or is unwilling to milk a goat, or a woman who wants me to always make her laugh and she wants to watch TV all day and complain and be lazy. I seek a woman of Proverbs chapter 31. Mahnaedyendor-at- gmail-dot-com

My Interests and Hobbies:

Fix it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. I'm debt free because I do not live extravagantly. Expect to come make your home in the USA. Rearrange the furniture and stuff. Make yourself to feel at home and let us communicate together. I want us to be a husband/wife quorum. Make the place your home for reading to your children and instructing them to walk in the paths leading to eternal life through the temple. I desire to leave a legacy, to carry on my name. All that we have shall be given to our first born son and you and I shall teach our children to live after the manner of happiness until I am released from mortality. The one I choose to be my wife must join with me in teaching our children in making wise decisions so that when my mortal body dies the oldest son will provide for my wife, his mother in every lovely and charitable manner. Nice goal! Takes work from both of us to create a family and make it work. Times get rough when the economy gets bad. A woman who has the Holy ghost as her guide will be productive in maintaining the affairs of her home and thru her example teach children to waste not and to be clean physically and spiritually and join with us in honoring the priesthood in the home. Two personalities will ALWAYS encourage one another to forgive and love one another, that our incomings, outgoings and all that the Lord may or may not bless us with be received with gratitude and cheerfullness of heart; that we murmor not. Together we will make do with what we have with an eye single to the glory of God with up lifted hands to the most High God in praying for whatsoever we stand in need and in giving thanks for the good or bad we receive. Expect to strive continually as husband and wife in serving our God so that we may prosper in the land, according to the promises in the Book Mormon and the words of living prophets. 3 months after arriving at our USA home we will travel throughout the United States driving a semi-truck; living in the truck and showering together at truck stops. This is how we'll save money to pay cash for a home and stay out of debt. Mahnaedyendor-at- gm-ail-dot-com

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