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GWYNETH777 - 52 year old woman from Arizona

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52 years old
Salt 'n Pepper Hair
Other Eyes
5 ft.  1 in.
Slender Build
College Graduate
Veterinary Technician Student/ Practice Manager
Mission: no
Temple Worthy
Temple Recommend
Occasionally Attends Church
0 Children, 0 at home
My Introduction:

***PLEASE READ THIS FIRST, THANK YOU: LET'S MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AND PAINLESS AS POSSIBLE, KEEP IT SIMPLE, KIND AND EASY GUYS! 1. I would like to be your friend and for you to be mine first FOR YEARS. I HAVE NO DESIRE OR INTEREST TO INSTANTLY BE YOUR EVE TO YOU AS THE ADAM. I am not yours, you are not mine. I don't even know you, you don't know me. 2. I will not use hangout from google with you. I do not like google products. That does not mean I do not know how to download or install it or use it for other purposes. I am an IT person, so try again hahaha! 3. Want to truly get to know me? Then please disclose your full name, real age, actual city and state of residence (no need for your address), LDS Ward name and cellphone number, please? I will do a background check on you. My husband and I did that to each other and FOR EACH OTHER to know we had the true identities. There should be no fear or need to hide if the intention is pure. I hate and do not respect fake liars scamming people for whatever reasons. If you cannot or will not allow that then have a wonderful day but please leave me alone. I have no interest in wasting time and energy with you. 4. I OF COURSE WOULD LOVE TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER. Want to entice me with exchanging pictures or videos? Sure, if and when I like you as a person I would like more pictures that person. Don't try to send me inappropriate racy pictures, not interested in that or in you in that way. We don't even have a relationship yet. Please have some dignity. Also there is also something called videochat dear scammers, but no I don't need to see you naked and you will not see me naked until we are married, so that will be in person. 5. If you think you can scam money out of me, think again hahaha! Also not interested in helping you with your immigration status. Sorry, I am just way too poor, fighting to stay a good mom, survive and make it, while juggling my own bills. No, my husband did not leave me any life insurance. Not because he did not care but because we both thought and were preparing for me possibly dying first. I was born with a different heart problem and now have many comorbidities. If this scares you then run! 6. If you are real and genuine and would truly like to be friends with me then please drop me a clear note showing you truly read my profile. Don't just say hi. Life is too short. Also please fill out your own profile so I can know more about you as well or begin our communication by telling me more about yourself. I TRULY WOULD LOVE TO GET TO KNOW YOU AS WELL. I understand it is not easy sometimes to bare yourself to the public or a person you do not know, but if you have nothing to hide then you do not have to be anonymous. Mysterious is only charming up to so much. 7. Friends only for life I am ok with in all colors, shapes and sizes. But for me to become possibly interested in you to maybe in the future become more than just friends years to come, sorry, but you need to be caucasian, at least 6 feet tall, blue or blue green or green eyes. Not brown, hazel or black eyes or any other color. Yes, I have very specific taste, I am sorry but I will not lie to you. I admire persistence, I thank you for your interest in me, but you would be wasting your time and I do not want to do that to you. 8. Last but not least. MOST IMPORTANT. I have animal children. I am sorry but since they already lost their dad, thus my husband, I will not be interested in guys with human children. Unless for only friends forever. Will not allow my children to become second best or just pets. Am sterilized so no interest in trying to have more human children either, biological or adopted. Been there, done that, losing them to death was way too hard. UNLESS... You have human children and even if we ever got together you can accept to live separately. You with your kids, me with mine. Also, just as a note, I believe children should never be abused but they should have manners and be disciplined if and when they become a public nuisance yelling or acting up in public or especially in church. Children will be children but that is why the parents or guardians should guide and educate them well. Unruly children just reflects no good incapable parents parenting. *** That all said now... I am simply me, please simply be you. Must love animals. My husband passed away last year and I was very thankfully and happily Sealed to him by proxy this year, keeping my promise to him. I was blessed to be loved by him and I will always love him. I am “refreshingly” honest according to him. If I like you, you will know, if I don’t you will know. I love playing games on my computer but I do not like playing games of life with people. If people ask me my opinion and I feel I cannot say something nice I will tell you not to ask further. If you push me to tell you three times I will, but sorry, it might hurt you. If you are mean to me please do not play the victim and say that I am rude to you because I am just being honest with you or following policies, rules or regulations. But that does not mean that I just bow down to all authority, rules and regulations. Life is simple, let’s keep it that way, but life also needs a balance and good one way instead of mutually good both ways is not my way of living. I do not like being compared so I will not compare you. He, my hubby, was, is, he, you are you. Do not judge me and I will not judge you. It is not for humans to judge others anyways. We are nobodies that at the same time are somebodies. Everyone and everything is special in his or her own ways. I do not like people cussing, I find that unintelligent and will not tolerate that. I am a loner, a hermit. Happy to be home but my home is off limits to anyone else until I have known someone for years. Sorry, just am this way because of some bad humans in the past. Learned my lesson the hard way. Thus? I am a very private person. I am looking for honest straightforward Caucasian men, 6’ and taller, blue/ blue green eyes, that are willing to be friends first for years instead of just instantly wanting to date. I like having friends and being friends, am specific about my taste so we don’t waste each other’s time. I am sorry but I will not have a sexual relationship before I remarry and for the near future I have no intention to remarry. I am heterosexual but to me sex should be making love after marriage only. I just would like to find likeminded friends to have good and clean fun with, making time go by faster. I don’t like fake or superficial friendships. To me to have a friend is to be a friend, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I am not rich financially but not looking to hook a guy to take care of me, I am good with my independence. I follow the Word Of Wisdom. Basically? Do not walk in front of me, I might not follow. Do not walk behind me, I might not lead. Walk beside me, be my friend and I will do my very best from the bottom of my heart to be your best friend too. Do not hurt my loved ones or things or I will become your worst enemy. I love to smile and laugh, so make me smile and laugh genuinely inwardly and outwardly.

My Interests and Hobbies:

I love cool cloudy weather, do not like hot weather due to health reasons. Love mountainsides and seasides, don’t truly like city sides. You tell me your hobbies, I’ll tell you mine. I sadly don’t really have much time for hobbies. Love country music, gospel, bluegrass and some alternative or pop or even soft rock music. I watch any movie I like but I will usually turn off the movie if it has too much cussing in it. It is illogical to me why people could not converse without cussing. It does not matter to me if a movie is considered bad, as long as no porn, because it to me is a lesson to discern the good from the bad. How can there be true light that we are grateful for if we do not acknowledge and learn from hypothetical dark situations? I have no desire to have to experience it all myself, I feel for those that did and do, will not judge them but will not to step in their tracks. Again, I love animals and they are my children to me. I love children but children still need firm loving guidance and discipline. I have no patience for parents that do not still their children when it is time to be still. It just shows me what type of parents they are. Please do not try to say that your children are more important than mine just because they are humans and my children are animals. I will tell you exactly where to go. Last not least. I am religious, spiritual and magical. No I do not go to the church of Satan on the side. But to me how can I only be religious but not spiritual if I truly believe in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Angels and that my husband’s soul and my children’s’ souls are alive in the spirit world, all in spirit form if I am not spiritual? How could I be only religious and not magical if I believe in miracles? Yes I have clear opinions. But I rather say the worst upfront of me like this instead of sugar coating and leading people on. Why am I this way? I don’t know, please ask my Father, because I am like you, a child of God. Now, if after reading all this you still would like to talk to me then I would love to talk to you as well. Note: due to apparently too many scammers with fake profiles on here as well, sadly to be honest, before I would get close to anyone I would do a background check on that person. I did that with my husband as well. I told him about it and he was open to it because he did not want to hide anything from me. As for me? The US immigration did an even more thorough background check including medical tests on me, even after we got married, until I became naturalized, so everything was fair and clear.

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