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BUMPERS - 59 year old woman from Inala, Australia

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59 years old
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
5 ft.  7 in.
Average Build
College Graduate
Inala, Australia
Mission: None
Temple Worthy
Temple Recommend
Regularly Attends Church
7 Children, 2 at home
My Introduction:

"Californians do not like being called a nut-case, we prefer high protien nutritional supliment package" (Yes I was born in California and no I am not taking a swipe at Californians it just apeals to my sense of humor)

I am an old fashioned girl looking for a good man strong in the church who knows how to treat a lady like a lady. I am fun loving I like to kid around and have a good time (no stick in the muds please).I am outgoing yet sometimes a bit shy. I have long light brown hair going slightly white, blue hazel eyes and am told that one of my best features is my smile. I am an artist by trade as well as a photographer and photo retouch artist. I was rasied in the church, and come from pionner stock. I moved to Australia in 2000. I have been unlucky in love to this point but have not given up hope yet. With the Lords help I will one day find my eternal companion.

I love the out of doors and am a bit of an adventure seeker. I am a romantic at heart. I love music of all kinds but have a soft spot for Jazz and Big Band music. I love singing particularly hymns and have a loud saprano voice (this is suprising because I generaly have a soft sentual voice). Yes I am part of the choir. I was a professional dancer in my youth. I had surgery on my leg last year and I am not sure I am up to dancing any more but I am willing to give it a shot.

I am living in Australia now but am considering moving back home to America. You might ask how many children dose she have. Well I have given birth to 8 burried 2 raised one step child from the age of 4 untill she left home and went out on her own. I have 2 grandchildren.

You may say well she doesn't look like a grandma, well I am. I wish I looked my age a bit more. It gets tiresome having 20 to 30 year olds hitting on you when you are nearly 45. Just last week I had 4 people say that they thought I was in my early 30's. Yes I am looking forwards to the grey becoming more obviouse. I supose it dosen't help that I don't act my age though. I refuse to act old even if I get old. I like to enjoy life. Because of my tesimony of the gospel and my knowlage of eternal life I don't believe that age makes that big of a differance. I have always gotten along better with people older than my self. Hey maybe I am an older spirit. I want someone healthy that I can enjoy many years with here on earth (I am tired of being alone). So even if you are 20 years my senior you might have a chance. I just don't like imature 20 or 30 some thing year olds who think they can teach me something about life and love.

I enjoy getting down and dirty in the great out doors. I don't mind camping in a tent or sleeping out under the stars for a week or so. Yes I can build a proper fire, with or with out matches. I can also cook really well on it or in it's coals. I am comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt or dresssing in a suit dress or gown Looking sharp for a night out or in a business meeting. I also like dressing a bit off the beaten path. I like the clothes from the middle ages and have been known to dress as a noble or a wench. I used to belong to the SCA (more than likely would still be if there was one in Australia).

I am an acomplished seamstress. I started sewing at the age of 5 yrs. I have made costumes since the age of 15 yrs. Worked as a professional artist and photographer since age 15 as well. Other talents are vast and diverse. From painting stage drops and preparing props to bakeing and decorating cakes (also professionaly).

I like to enjoy life. I am comfortable with people from all ages and walks of life. I have been known to hop on the back of a motor cycle and travel up the coast. Or mingle in a crowd of movers and shakers. Put a back pack on my back and hike in where a car or truck could not go. Or dance as a go go dancer with a rock band. I have been a victom of an accident to teach a future paramedic or fire fighter how to treat a victom. Or taught a group of Boy Scouts anything from fire starting and cooking to archery and knots. I have had a great number of experiances in life and hope to have a great many more.

My Interests and Hobbies:

Some of my favorite things to do...
Spending time with people I care about (cuddleing in frount of a fire indoors or out)
Enjoying life and all it has to offer in nature
Reading a good book or watching a good movie

My least favorite things to do...
Paying bills-(I really don't mind this if I have the funds it is when money is tight I have a problem, I NEVER have a problem paying tithing)
Argueing-Life is to short to spend it fighting "Man is that he might have joy"
Being stuck inside cleaning all day-(I like my home neat and tiddy I am not a white glove clean gal I would rather invest time in other things like my lover / husband and family)
I know it says three things I hate but I would like to add a couple of things:
Number 1. I have long hair that I love. Don't ask me to cut it If you have a problem with long hair I'm not the one for you. I like wearing it in many differant styles but when it is cool enough I like wearing it down (maybe with combs in it)
Number 2. I hate the fact that my only son is at war. I hate worrying about him and all the other peoples children out there on the battle field. I know it is nessary to be our brothers keeper and not let tyrants torture and kill inocent people. I just hope it dosen't cost me the ultimate sacrifice of my only living son! I don't fear death I would just like to see him finish growing up. See him married with a family of his own he is only 19. :'(

My perfect day would be...
Any day I can spend with the people I love and care about without contention is a perfect day. The ultimate perfect day would be when I found my eternal companion and am sealed to him. However an example of a good day follows:.....Waking beside my eternal companion cuddleing and caressing doing whatever comes naturaly. Spending quality time together, then taking a walk hand in hand or playing in nature (with or with out the kids and grandkids). Enjoying being alive with the one I love doing what ever we can to have a good time and express our love for one another and the Lord. Forever building up that love. No contention lots of love. Then ending the day with a quiet eveing (in or out of doors) in frount of a fire talking, cuddleing, caressing and doing what comes naturaly.

My greatest opportunity for improvement is...
I hate to wait (so hurry up Mr. Right). I can be too giving of time and talents it has gotten me in over my head more than once. I allways see the best in people and am charitable to a fault. I have been taken advatage of and hurt because of this.

One final thing I'd like to mention...
I was rasied in the church my family have been in the church for many generations. I have a strong testimony of the gospel. I need a strong man whom I can lean on in times of need. I have never wanted fame or fortune, I have had a dream from my early years to find a wounderful man settle down and make a wonderful home where my children and grandchildren can find refuge from the out side world. Not to sound lazy or idle. I have been in the work force only out of need not out of desire. I am a good worker but I would rather spend my energies in service trying to make a happy home and family. I believe in the dream and the roles the gospel says we are to have. I want a good husband and happy family. I need someone who can be strong and make sure I am not to giving. But who also believes in being charitable. Some one who will treat me as an equal and know I can do things well on my own. However I don't want to be treated as a servant. I want a companion and a partner someone I can work along side as a team with. Serving the Lord in this life and the next. I want a marriage like the Hinckley's.

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